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The products offered on the Site constitute an offer to purchase products from www.northdogs.com taking into account the information on the Site.


All prices are indicated in Mexican pesos and include the value added tax. Orders and deliveries will only be possible in Mexico. If www.northdogs.com could not execute an order, it will inform you as soon as possible. Only orders are accepted in usual quantities for families. For more information about an order, see Order Information.


When you send an order, we will send you an email as an acknowledgment of your order ("Order Confirmation"). This does not mean that we have accepted your request. Our acceptance of the order occurs when the effective charge is made for the total amount of the purchase and the products are sent to you. We will send you an email confirming that the products have been shipped and that the charge has been successful ("Shipping Confirmation"). The products of the Site are in inventory and ready for shipment. Any exhausted size will be marked as not available. There may be stock problems when several customers order products at the same time. When we can not send a previously selected item, we can cancel part of your order and that part will be refunded immediately. We work hard to maintain our stock levels as accurately as possible. Occasional errors may occur. Our online collection is replenished periodically, so it is convenient to check again from time to time.


As www.northdogs.com always strives to deliver orders quickly, there is not much time to cancel the order.


Please note that we can not make or accept any change (address, size, color) or cancellation once the order is placed.


The fulfillment of all the orders of the Site will be subject to availability. We expressly reserve the right not to accept your request for any reason. We also reserve the right to cancel an order by written notice to you in the following situations (without limitation), without being responsible for payment of damages or costs other than reimbursement of any amount received from you in connection with the order we have canceled:


The product is not available

Your billing information is not correct or can not be verified

Our security systems indicate your order as an unusual order or an order likely to constitute fraud

If the payment by applicable bank transfer is not received within two business days of the Order Confirmation

We can not deliver at the address indicated

For incidental cases or force majeure.




Payment method


You can pay for the products by credit card (MasterCard, Visa and AmericanExpress), deposit in OXXO, Paypal or deposit in Citi Banamex.


The maximum amount you can spend on an order varies depending on the payment method you select and whether you are a registered or invited user.


If you have a promotional code, enter it on the shopping cart page in the 'Promotional code' field and click on 'Apply'. Check that the expiration date of your promotional code is not expired before using it, otherwise you will not be able to use it. Keep in mind that you can not use more than one promotional code, for the same purchase. Please note that, if you use promotional codes for discounted products and the total discount is greater than 30% of the original price, www.northdogs.com reserves the right to deny the purchase. All promotional codes may be used only once, unless otherwise indicated.


Checking the data


During the payment process, www.northdogs.com can check the credit history. According to the results of the same, www.northdogs.com may change, adjust or decline an order and / or the selected payment method. In most cases, www.northdogs.com will offer the option to select a different payment method.